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Mickayla Pyke
Director, Filmmaker, Lightworker

I am a director.  I breathe the soul of a story into being through the medium of film. My passion is to deeply understand the heart of my client's message and carefully craft that message to amplify their voice.
I want to help the healers, artists, lightworkers and way-showers who's aim it is to offer their services to make this world a better place. Through my services, their message can spread further, faster and with the most profound impact.
Let's change the world.

Narrative Short/Full Feature Film


Script Supervisor

Promotional/Music Video


Alex Mundy Kickstarter Campaign

Alex Mundy Kickstarter Campaign

I had the pleasure of working with Mickayla to film a promotional video for my debut album. As a musician, storytelling is at the core of what I do, and I wanted to ensure that my narrative was authentically captured. From the moment we began, Mickayla treated my story like it was her own. Her goal throughout the project was always to get to the heart of the story, and she masterfully captured this through her beautiful videography. She is a consummate professional, a passionate filmmaker, and an incredible creative caretaker for any project. I can’t wait to collaborate with Mickayla again


- Alex Mundy

Roots Pop Singer-Songwriter