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Mickayla Pyke

Director, Filmmaker, Lightworker

I am a director.  I breathe the soul of a story into being through the medium of film. My passion is to deeply understand the heart of my client's message and carefully craft that message to amplify their voice.
I want to help the healers, artists, lightworkers and way-showers who's aim it is to offer their services to make this world a better place. Through my services, their message can spread further, faster and with the most profound impact.
Let's change the world.

I had the pleasure of working with Mickayla to film a promotional video for my debut album. As a musician, storytelling is at the core of what I do, and I wanted to ensure that my narrative was authentically captured. From the moment we began, Mickayla treated my story like it was her own. Her goal throughout the project was always to get to the heart of the story, and she masterfully captured this through her beautiful videography. She is a consummate professional, a passionate filmmaker, and an incredible creative caretaker for any project. I can’t wait to collaborate with Mickayla again


- Alex Mundy

Roots Pop Singer-Songwriter

Female Filmmaker, Freelance director, freelance film director, camera, film set, filming

A little bit about me...

I am a driven creator, a passionate storyteller and a lover of genuine authenticity in every form.
It is my distinct pleasure to capture each individual story with the utmost care and respect; to show the world what you have to offer through the beauty and grace of a lens.
Quality is very important to me.  I will not take a project on unless I know I can commit 100% and give it my all.  
I am a wife, a mother of 2 boys, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an ally and an excited participant of humanity.
I am eager to work with you and look forward to our mutual growth and expansion​.
With Love, 
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List of Credentials


Queen's University - Bachelor of Arts Degree

(with Distinction) in Stage and Screen



2016 - 2017

VIVA Productions - Videographer

2017 - 2019

VIVA Productions - Director

Proud Owner of Cinema Grade, Red Scarlett Camera (affectionately called Lucy).

To see my body of work, please get in touch and I will be happy to send you links to previous projects.

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camera, film set, female, freelance, director


In university, I was involved with over 20 short films, with credits such as director, assistant director, PA, Sound Technician etc.

Moving into my career, my expertise moved to promotional video content.  

I worked with a diverse range of people, products and stories. The videos we produced consisted of short film/advertisements, short-form documentaries, PSAs, social media content and everything in-between.

Making the move to become a freelance director came from the lack of female representation in the film industry. I believe feminine energy is needed now more than ever to balance the scales.

With 9 years of filming experience under my belt, I am confident we can get to the heart of your story and spread your message 

to the world.

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Mickayla Pyke is one of the most visionary filmmakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is totally dedicated to her craft. I have greatly enjoyed working with her in a director/producer relationship on several projects. I can say wholeheartedly, seldom will I ever have the chance to collaborate with a more genuinely kind and talented person. She weaves so much heart and soul into every story she captures. 

 - John Abrams

(member of The Abrams; songwriter, filmmaker and public speaker)

Awards and Festivals

Film award


Film Festival


Film award





film award




Film Festival






Film award
festival award
festival award

FOCUS Film Festival 2015

Hopeless Romantic

Winner - Best Original Screenplay

Winner - Best Actress

Winner - People's Choice Award 

Nominated for Best Picture and Best Editing

Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2015

Hopeless Romantic

Official Selection and opening film of the festival.

FOCUS Film Festival 2016

The List

Winner - Best Production Design

Nominated for Best Actress, Best Editing, 

Best Cinematography, Best Picture

Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2016


Official Selection


Official Selection

Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2017


Official Selection


There’s one else like Mickayla. She’s uniquely in tune with the emotional nuance of her work, which gives everything she does a distinct, irreducible touch. I’ve seen her work long, stressful days, and she’s never once lost sight of those essential subtleties of her work. She’s an artist, a generous collaborator, an expert technician, and one of the most dedicated people I know.

Joe E.