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Short Films:
Hopeless Romantic (2015)
The List (2016)
Invaluable (2016)

The Common Thread (2022)(co-director)
A Century in the Making - The Stu Crawford Story (co-director)

Music Video:

Where We Are (2023)

Script Supervisor

Feature Films:
Den Mother Crimson (2023)
Kill Victoria (2024)

Midnight Masquerade (in post production)

script supervisor.

I love a good story.  

Stories shape how we see and understand the world.  The quality and authenticity of a story has the ability to challenge and change the mind of its viewer.  And that is something I deeply respect.

awards and festivals.

Focus Film Festival 2015

Hopeless Romantic - Winner of People's Choice Award, Best Actress and Best Original Screen Play

Focus Film Festival 2016

The List - Winner of Best Production Design

KCFF Official Selection

2015 - Hopeless Romantic

2016 - Androktone, Invaluable

2017 - Barren

2022 - The Common Thread

2023 - Den Mother Crimson, A Century in the Making - The Stu Crawford Story, Where We Are

2024 - Kill Victoria

a little about me.

I have loved film for as long as I can remember.  I used to watch behind the scenes of my favourite films and envy those people behind the camera.  

I love being the steward of a story - in directing or script supervising.  Ensuring the audience know's they are being taken care of in the quality and care of the continuity is about respect. 

If you want someone who is as deeply invested in your story, characters and project as you are, you have come to the right place.

When I am not on set, I am taking care of my 3 boys with my husband on Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada.

work with me.

Instagram @mickaylapyke

Thank you for your inquiry.

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