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You have found me and my little (not-so) secret.  

I am an intuitive channel.


My Mission.

It is my desire to normalize channeling as I believe EVERYONE has the ability to do this.  

My sessions consist of delivering messages to you from Source; your Higher Self; Universal Intelligence; your Guides; your Ancestors; God etc. These are messages you receive on a regular basis through thoughts, feelings, signs and downloads, but you are used to ignoring them or dismissing them as idle thoughts.  

It is my mission to validate these messages for you so you learn not to ignore them, and in turn, don't need me or my services.

You are the channel.  Let me guide you to discover just how powerful you are. 
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Becca, Canada

"I had a 1:1 session with Mickayla a few days ago, and honestly I'm still speechless.  I laughed, I cried, I felt validated, I felt comfortable, and it was clear that it was exactly what I needed...Thank you Mickayla.  
To put it bluntly - you've changed my life."

My Services.

A Little Note.

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Need a little pick me up?  With this service, you will receive a short paragraph revealing a message from your Higher Self.  This is a good option if you would like to test the waters with a channeled message, or if you just need a little guidance to get you back on the right path.

$47 CAD


A Group Channeling Session.

Join the waitlist for a group channeling session.  

These sessions are reserved for souls who want to play together in the same space & time with Source energy.  Often Source will deliver messages that "piggyback" off of one another.  A message for you is meant to be heard by another soul in the group and vice versa.  

It's a very mysterious and magical experience.  

Dates are announced periodically.  

$57 CAD

A Private Channeled Reading.

Book your 1:1 session to get your unique and intimate experience with Source.  Breathe, relax and tune in as I channel a message for you in real time over Zoom at your convenience.  Each session runs between 60-90 minutes depending on what your Higher Self has to say.  

This session includes:

-  a digital written copy of your message

-  a recording of our session.

$222 CAD

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So what is channeling?

Honestly? I don't know.  I can't explain it scientifically or anything.  The best way I can describe it is I relax my mind and allow images, feelings, thoughts, sensations and emotions to enter my body on your behalf.  I trust the guidance of my Higher Self and yours to deliver the message you are meant to receive.  After doing this for many souls over 3 years, one thing is very clear: Source communicates in the language and frequency of love.  Let me give you an example...


message from Source


You are seen. We see you, and everything you do.  NOTHING goes unnoticed. We see your challenges. 

We see you trying.  We see you giving the very best you have to offer each day.  We see you “fail”. 

We see you triumph.  We see you navigating your way through this little blue planet called Earth.

And we have heard your call.

We have heard your desires.  We are listening.

You are only steps away from making that change.  From taking that crucial step or making that big move. 

We know what motivates you. We know what makes your tick.  Cause it makes us tick too.

We are here, in this moment, to tell you, it is not impossible.  That thing you want? 

That desire that is bravely and boldly stained on your heart - it is meant for you. 

It’s calling your name. 

It’s inevitable.

We just wanted you to know, we see it too.  We feel it too.  And we are so excited for you to be in that house. 

To be cuddling on the couch with him.  To pick up the check on that lunch date. 

To wear that dress in the back of your closet. 

To be boarding that flight to your dream destination. 

We SEE it.  So clearly.  And we SEE you.  So clearly too.

We just wanted you to know…we love you.  And you are never alone.  We are always with you.  Sending you signs.  Guiding you.  Nudging you.  Getting your attention and being your BIGGEST supporter.

Thank you for incarnating. Your presence has more impact than you know.

You are so brave.  We’re so proud of you.

You got this.


Love, Source Energy

Channeled December 13th, 2023

Something exciting is coming...

A download that came to me over a year ago is currently manifesting into physical form...stay tuned.

Kali, Canada

“I can't recommend this enough. It has seriously changed my life and I am so grateful.  If you're thinking of having a channeled session, I wouldn't wait. Mickayla is the real deal!"
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